NAR Mini Responder 4 In. ETD

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The Mini Responder Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD) from North American Rescue is a sterile pressure bandage that delivers extremely effective pressure and excellent absorption.

  • Small, compact packaging
  • Flat folded
  • Both hook and loop as well as C-Clip securing device
  • 4 x 6 inch non-adherent sterile pad
  • 42 inch elastic bandage (unstretched)
  • Sterile unless package is opened or damaged

Out of stock


The NAR Mini Responder 4 in. ETD is a compact compression bandage designed to provide an effective pressure bandage when reduced packaging size is required. The small, compact packaging with easy open Red-Tip Technology® tear notches allows the Mini Responder ETD to be stored on the person in pant pockets, shirt pocket, trauma plate pouches, etc. It is flat folded and less than an inch thick. The Mini Responder ETD has a 4 x 6 inch non-adherent pad with a 42 in. elastic bandage. It has both hook & loop as well as a sturdy C-Clip closure to hold the dressing in place. The bandage is sterile unless opened or damaged.

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Weight 2.4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × .75 in
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