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Armor Profile Trauma Kit


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The Armor Profile Trauma Kit delivers significant advantages in profile and load reduction. It utilizes the empty space behind armor plates and other compartments to improve user performance.

  • Reduced bulk, profile, and weight
  • RF welded and machine sealed
  • Clear medical grade vinyl material
  • Flexible compartments, comfortable positioning

Made in USA

Out of stock


The Armor Profile Trauma Kit delivers significant advantages in profile and load reduction by utilizing the empty space behind armor plates. Saves valuable space and reduces bulk.

  • 50% thinner than standard kit configurations…same contents. Worn in the negative space behind body armor, in a flat pack compartment, or in existing issued pouch. Improved ergonomics — reduced profile.
  • 25% lighter when worn under the armor plate due to removal of extra pouch.
  • Machine sealed RF welded vinyl, YKK zipper compartments with medical red zipper pulls and easy access pull tab. Contents are easily viewed and protected from environmental conditions.
  • Clear bladder for easy contents identification. Zipper compartments allow repeated training access. Custom zipper pulls greatly reduce fine motor skills needed for compartment access.
  • Wearing instead of carrying decreases stiffness due to ergonomics and profile. Reduced pouch weight aids in overall load weight and space reduction.


  • Celox™ Rapid Hemostatic Gauze
  • Frog Gauze
  • Frog Tape Adhesive Strips (2)
  • NAR Mini Responder 4” ETD
  • NAR S-Fold Gauze
  • NPA 28F w/ Lube
  • Hyfin® Compact Vented Chest Seal (2)
  • ARS Decompression Needle – 14 Gauge
  • Bear Claw Glove Pair (Tan)
  • Reusable Bladder

Dimensions:  11″ x 9″ x .75″

Weight:  11.7 oz.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 11 × 9 × .75 in