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Stop the Bleed Kits

Stop The Bleed Kits provide individuals with immediate access to products intended to stop traumatic bleeding. We use a clear vinyl package from Phokus Research in order to keep contents easily identifiable.

Training is a critical component. Our bleeding control kits are reusable with a zipper access point. Users have the ability to access and replace components for contents familiarization.

Stop the Bleed Kits contain simple, life-saving components that are used by a citizen bystanders as well as professional medical personnel. Contents are Hartford Consensus recommended for effectiveness and ease of use in critical situations.

Stop the Bleed is national campaign that aims to empower citizens with the skills and tools they need for bleeding control in emergency situations. Emergent Rescue Systems of Birmingham, Alabama manufactures kits for trauma and public access. Our expertise in bleeding control research and development makes us the source in Alabama and beyond.