Journal of Special Operations Medicine

UPC4 Plate Carrier Adapter System Press Release

Pack to PC Attachment • Modular • Adaptive • Quick Release In rosponse to user requests for a universal, quick detach/reattach pack to plate carrier solution, the UPC4 Plate Carrier Adapter System is now available for any MOLLE/PALS equipped pack or armor plate carrier. September 24, 2019 (Birmingham, AL) [...]

HRE Pack – Press Release – Now Available for Limited Market Release

High Risk Entry MEDIC After extensive refinement and testing within multiple specialties, the HRE Pack is available for MIL/LE tactical medicine, confined space search and rescue, and active threat response. HRE Pack Press Release, Birmingham, AL October 23, 2018 — Emergent Rescue Systems, LLC today announced the launch of [...]

Bigger is better: Comparison of alternative devices for tension hemopneumothorax and pulseless electrical activity in a Yorkshire swine model.

Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. 83(6):1187–1194, DEC 2017 DOI: 10.1097/TA.0000000000001684, PMID: 28885469 Issn Print: 2163-0755 Publication Date: 2017/12/01 Leatherman ML1, Fluke LM, McEvoy CS, Pokorny DM, Ricca RL, Martin MJ, Gamble CS, Polk TM. Author information Abstract BACKGROUND: Tension pneumothorax is a cause of potentially preventable death [...]

United States Army Rangers in Somalia: an analysis of combat casualties on an urban battlefield.

Mabry RL1, Holcomb JB, Baker AM, Cloonan CC, Uhorchak JM, Perkins DE, Canfield AJ, Hagmann JH. Author information Abstract BACKGROUND: This study was undertaken to determined the differences in injury patterns between soldiers equipped with modern body armor in an urban environment compared with the soldiers of the Vietnam [...]

Pulse Nightclub Shooting Lessons Learned

Fatal Wounding Pattern and Causes of Potentially Preventable Death Following the Pulse Nightclub Shooting Event E. Reed Smith , MD, Geoff Shapiro , NREMT-P & Babak Sarani , MD Abstract Background: Mortality following shooting is related to time to provision of initial and definitive care. An understanding of the [...]

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