Emergent Rescue Systems offers the latest in innovative medical response technologies.

We specialize in emerging medical technologies, with an emphasis on first responder trauma care and massive hemorrhage control.
What makes us different than other supply shops that now offer “medical gear?” We believe that product verification through testing and clinical data is critical in life-saving equipment. Not only do we test and train with every item we offer, we are your source for the ever-evolving science behind them.


Significant trauma care innovation and advancements are the direct result of lessons learned during more than a decade of fighting in the Global War on Terror. At Emergent Rescue Systems, we are honored to work with elite warrior medics who continue serving both on and off duty to insure liberty as well as emergency medical advancements.


Each product we offer comes from the enormous sacrifice of our nations finest. It is our privilege and duty to deliver, advance and innovate in emergency medical response. Because combat life-saving advancements are paid in both blood and treasure, we strive to ensure that battlefield lessons learned are not forgotten, but save lives in the homeland as well.

“From elite medics to the prepared civilians. You never know when a situation will call you to be the first responder. Be skilled. Be knowledgeable. Be prepared.”

Chris Richards, Emergent Rescue Systems, LLC

“Gone are the backward days when the field surgeon had more in common with an alchemist, protecting his “scientific secrets” of patient care from those who sought to understand the appropriateness of treating a gunshot wound with egg yolk, rose oil, and turpentine.”

Hugh Coffee, Ditch Medicine, LLC

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