We specialize in hemorrhage control research and product development.

You may even call it an obsession.

Our mission specific emergency medical kits and components are customized for ever-changing threats and environments. We offer evidence-based advancements for hemorrhage control and a range of challenging situations. If you’re facing capability gaps, we are your partner for unique solutions and mission specific developments.

Our hemorrhage control systems are designed for simplicity, speed and effectiveness even in the most challenging operational rescues. They enable medics in performance at the highest levels, law enforcement officers as tactical medics, and they equip the layperson with the life-saving emergency medical response capabilities needed when emergency medical personnel aren’t available.

“Gone are the backward days when the field surgeon had more in common with an alchemist, protecting his ‘scientific secrets’ of patient care from those who sought to understand the appropriateness of treating a gunshot wound with egg yolk, rose oil, and turpentine.”

Hugh Coffee, Ditch Medicine, LLC

“From elite medics to the prepared civilians. You never know when a situation will call you to be the first responder.

“Be skilled. Be knowledgeable. Be prepared.”